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Welcome to Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc.
About us

About us

The current position: 

About us>Profile
  Located in Jiedong Economic Development Experimental Area  (15 kilometers away from Chaoshan Airport, 330 kilometers away from Shenzhen and 280 kilometers away from Xiamen), Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc. (stock abbreviation: Greatoo, stock code: 002031), the first listed tire mold manufacturing enterprises with a large scale and leading technology in China. Since its establishment, the company has persisted in making innovations by itself and has been driven by technology. The company has developed four main high-end industries including tire molds, curing presses, industrial robots and precision machine tools. It set up subsidiaries in India, Europe and America, which has developed in a new international trend. The company has been listed as the key new high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Plan, the national model enterprises of technological innovation, one of the hundred leading private enterprises in Guangdong, one of the most important strategic industries in Guangdong, one of the 50 key manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong, an innovative enterprises in Guangdong, with high-end research institutes such as national technology centers,  academician workstations, post-doctor workstations and engineering centers under the joint efforts of the country and local places.

Main Products

  The company mainly researches, invents and produces radial tire molds, hydraulic curing presses, precision machine tools and industrial robots, with main products like radial segmented molds and two-piece mold, giant industrial segmented tire molds, hydraulic curing presses of various types, light and heavy industrial robots and precision machine tools. With leading technologies, reliable quality of products and outstanding brand value, the company’s products sell well not only around the country but in many countries and religions such as America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. What’s more, the company has been listed in the global purchasing and supplying system by international leading tire companies such as American Goodyear, Britain Dunlop, France Michelin, Japan Bridgestone and Italy Pirelli, becoming a main supplier for domestic and foreign high-end customers.

Research Achievements

  Recently, Greatoo is frequently award for its R&D outcome: national patent, progress award in city and province level; listed as National High-tech Promoting Project, National"Torch Plan"project, National-level Key Technical Creation Project, National-level Key New Product Plan Project and National-level"Double High and One Outstanding"; in "Die and Mould China" of year 2004, 2006 and 2008, our product get award as"International Quality Mold"and "Best Quality Mold".The company has made fruitful achievements in technical innovation. The company has participated in the state-level project of key new products development, the state-level project of key industries revitalization and technological transformation, the state-level Torch Plan and the state-level construction project of innovation. Many of the company’s products have passed the state-level and province-level technical appraisement and been evaluated as leading products in China and advanced products in the world. With 44 national patents including 35 patents for invention and 9 patents for utility models, Greatoo has also won the province-level and city-level Prizes for its research achievements, among which “the project of giant industrial radial segmented tire molds” in 2010 and “the key collaborative design and manufacturing technology for customized production” in 2013 won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Guangdong Province.

Main Facilities

  The company is equipped with all types of over 1000 sets of high-grade, precision and advanced research and checkout equipment, including high precision numerical control carving machine, Italy FIDIA high-speed machining centers, Japan’s Mazak giant milling machine, Switzerland’s WILLEMIN five-axes machining centers; the company also purchased many SGI computer workstations from USA and advanced software and hardware systems such as America’s UGII, Israel’s CIMATRON and AUTOCAD2000 to perform the work of designing, simulating and drawing; the company uses three giant American detectors to test products; at the same time, the company sets up a large information center to assist the work of designing, optimizing and simulating. With large database of product modeling, the company has realized the paperless designing, drawing and processing of the products, which takes the lead of the technology and equipment level in the country and reaches the advanced level in the world.

Reputation & Influences

  The company’s registered trademark “Jiyang” has been praised as “The Famous Trademark of Guangdong”, while its main products, radial tire molds, have been praised as “Famous Brand Products of Guangdong” and listed in the Catalogue of High-tech Products in China. Taking the lead in domestic tire mold industries, Greatoo is the main editor of the standards of tire mold industries in China, the vice chairman of China Die & Mould Industry Association, the honorary chairman of Guangdong Die & Mould Industry Association, and has been praised as “The Advanced Mechanical Industry in China” and “The Leading Role in China Rubber Industry Association”, leading the development of the domestic technologies of tire molds, with recognized popularity, brand reputation and influences.

Development Idea

  The company always persisted in the idea that the development of enterprises is driven by technical innovation and science and technology. The company  keeps sustained developing by optimizing and strengthening, strategically integrating inner and outer resources of the company and improving the mechanism of innovation and organizational structure so that the company can create favorable environment for innovative activities, industrialize and commercialize the technical achievements, maximize the benefits and continue to strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises. By strengthening self-innovation, developing a brand strategy and taking advantage of the company’s superior resources and flexible incentive mechanism, the company continues to employ famous experts and talents in science and technology at home and abroad, promote the technology and innovation of the domestic and even the global industries, making efforts to develop a more flexible, intelligent and integrated enterprise and giving play to the brand effect. With technical advantages and high-tech industries with strong research ability, by taking advantage of technology, the company spares no efforts to realize the strategic goal of reviving national high-end industries, breaking the monopoly of technology by foreign countries, establishing the world first class research and manufacturing base of high-end technology and becoming the top three industries in the world.

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